Haunted Carnival was one of the first five, 3-D haunts in America and our first decade has seen us voted “Chattanooga’s Best Overall Haunt” by the Chattanooga Times/Free Press. Voted one of the top 25 Haunted Attractions in the South.

This year visit the 1800’s mining town of Phobia Falls. This once normal town is now ruled by the ironfisted Judge Joe Kraven, who is hell bent on punishing all who enter. It is either to the Gallows with you or deep into the cave to face his Hall of Phobias, and his mutant child Karl.

The Little House of Horrors is exactly what is says, a small house packed with frights. This is an intence show full of unique props and interactive actors that make each patron part of the experiance.

Venture into... the Forest of Fear! A haunted experience that offers thrills, chills, and 3-D effects

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